Stun Gun Batons with Flashlights

Stun Gun Batons with flashlights

Owning a self defense tool has become important in today’s time. With crime rate at an all time high, using a self defense device will be of great help. Stun gun baton with flash lights is one of the most common options available on the market, these days. It is more than just another self-defense weapon offered to consumers. In fact, it is considered as the most superior device in today’s time.


First and foremost, a stun gun baton with flash lights is a multi-functioning device. This quality makes it different from all of the other traditional stun devices available for consumer use. The stun gun baton flashlight will offer you good amount of versatility. It allows you to walk in the dark and enhance your visibility at most difficult places. The device is efficient in stopping and disabling the most viscous and indomitable of attackers!

Since a huge number of stun devices are offered with different features, it is difficult to choose just one. Of course, keeping the attacker away from you is your main purpose but most stun guns do just that. Buying a stun gun baton with flash light will help you tread through dark regions and enhance your visibility.

Enhanced Protection

Th stun gun baton with flash light means that the possibility of your protection is more. You can use the flashlight as and when required and even comes with a detachable red cone. This cone facilitates you double the device as a traffic warning tool. This will put your mind at ease in the event where you get stranded on the highway at night.


Most stun gun baton with flash lights come equipped with a 130 decibel personal alarm. It comes built into the car. It can help as a backup for the stun gun baton. 130 decibels is definitely very loud. This means that it will immediately alert people who may come to your rescue in case of an emergency. And it is also possible that the alarm use it as a punishment.

The Real Self Defence Weapon

The stun gun baton with flash lights is different from all other self defence weapons because the stun gun comes with a telescopic weapon. It is said that stun gun flashlight is about 17 inches long. This makes the stun gun a stun baton.

More Effective

As already discussed, stun batons are far more effective as compared to traditional stun gun. This is because it provides you the same advantage as most professional boxers would. It will temporarily disable the attacker giving you the best chance to call the cops or gather help.

Hence, if you have been looking for the best multi functions, stun gun baton with flash lights is the best choice. It is user friendly, easy to carry around. With so many benefits of buying this self defence tool like stun gun with flashlights. All you need to do is buy one that best suits your requirements!